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Nemesis Yachts created the Nemesis One, a 223-foot concept zero emissions hydrofoil catamaran yacht powered by an autonomous wing sail and hydrofoils.
There are different interior module configurations that can be removed when the yacht is in “Ultra-Light Race Mode” to help the ship travel faster.
The Nemesis One has a cruising speed of 35 knots and a top speed of 50 knots. 
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Nemesis Yachts has unveiled its concept zero emissions 223-foot hydrofoil catamaran, the Nemesis One.
Nemesis Yachts specializes in multihull ships that are fast, comfortable, and zero emissions, according to the company. This includes its Nemesis One, a carbon fiber build that still maintains a comfortable interior despite its “stealth fighter jet”-like exterior, according to its maker.
If created, the Nemesis One will be the world’s fastest luxury hydrofoil yacht, according to its maker. This is done by equipping it with gear necessary to travel faster than 50 knots, including several automated components, such as its wing sail and hydrofoils.
According to Nemesis Yachts, these wing sails automatically adjust themselves, taking away the need for manual sail handling while making it 2.6 times more productive than a traditional sail plan.SEE ALSO: This 328-foot concept yacht has an aquarium and a glass floor that can turn solid color — see inside
According to Nemesis Yachts, the Nemesis One “resembles more of a stealth fighter jet.”

Nemesis One is equipped with 8,072 square feet of solar panels that provides at least 150 kilowatts of solar power for the batteries.

The ship is powered by this solar energy and its retractable hydrogen-electric propulsion, all of which allows the yacht to stay at zero emissions, according to Nemesis Yachts.

The yacht uses the automated VPLP Design Oceanwings wing sails.

The wing sail is also reefable and furlable, meaning the sail can be rolled up and its size decreased, allowing it to be more aerodynamic, according to its maker.

Source: VPLP Design
The Oceanwings lends itself to the ship’s cruise speed of 35 knots and its aforementioned top speed of 50 knots.

Nemesis One is 128 feet long with a mast height of 292 feet.

The interior sits at 12,163 square feet, although this decreases to 8,181 square feet for its exterior.

In lieu of extra crew members, the Nemesis One uses hydraulic and electrified handling with a more streamlined design than traditional large yachts, according to its makers.

The yacht also has updated laser radar sensors that allows the ship to be aware of its surroundings, including wave height and obstacles.

This information then allows the hydrofoils and rudders to safely control the ship.

It also helps the Nemesis One stay at a constant height by avoiding any rolling movements, according to its maker.

There are several hydrofoil “modes”, and each foil can be individually controlled to help stabilize or speed up the ship.

According to renderings of the interior, the luxury yacht provides several indoor-outdoor living aspects, such as a large television screen in front of a view of the waters.

There are also several lounging and dining spaces, as well as beds that look like a geometric clamshell.

Nemesis One’s owner’s cabin also comes with an outdoor deck space.

The control center is “aviation style” with its full views of the water and wing sail.

The control center’s windshield also uses augmented reality to find potential obstacles and redirect the ship to avoid collision.

The port and starboard of the ship can be altered by inserting different “living modules” with various setups and uses, according to its maker.

However, under the “Ultra-Light Race Mode” configuration, all of the modules have to be removed with a crane to make the yacht lighter and therefore faster.

No production date has been announced yet, but its makers are testing a prototype of the ship shrunk down to 26 feet long.

Source: Robb Report

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