Architecture firm ​GómezPlatero​ has designed and will build the first monument for victims of the pandemic to be located in Uruguay.

The massive circular structure will serve as an affecting sensory experience that bridges the gap between the urban and natural worlds, creating an ideal environment for introspection. It will sit on the edge of an untamed section of urban waterfront located in Uruguay, accessible only by a long pedestrian walkway that draws the visitor gradually away from the sounds and sights of urban life until they are fully immersed in the presence of nature.

At the center of the platform, an open void to the rolling ocean beneath allows people to observe nature in its most majestic, purest state, reminding us of our own fragility. At 40 meters in diameter, with an open center that is 10 meters in diameter, the memorial can welcome up to 300 visitors at a time (while obeying current social distancing guidelines), allowing for moments of shared grief and solidarity in addition to solitude.

And this is why architecture firms get paid the big bucks. If they had gone with my idea they would’ve ended up with a big frowny-face made out of used N95 masks, which I guess is less of a memorial and more of a, uh, literal pile of garbage.

Keep going for more photos of the design as well as the promo video released by the firm.
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