Chinese MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong gained prominence in 2017 for exposing “fake kung fu” in China and obviously fake kung fu people in China got angry. Not realizing his fake kung fu wouldn’t work in an actual fight, self-proclaimed tai chi master Chen Yong challenged Xu to a fight which finally happened on November 28th. Obviously the tai chi master ended up tapping out after ten seconds, but not after blaming the sun and the, uh, ground:

Explaining why he lost to Xu, Chen said in a video he was “blinded by the sun” and literally blamed the floor.

“The moment I stepped into the cage I realized the ground was so soft. I have been practicing for a year on hard surfaces, soft surfaces inhibit tai chi,” he said in a video translated by the Fight Commentary Breakdowns channel on YouTube. “The power and force that comes from tai chi can’t be found on soft surfaces.”

Xu said that he “agrees” with Chen’s explanation and welcomes another fight if he is paid an appearance fee.

I feel like the point you abandon your crazy beliefs in your fake fighting style is before you enter a cage with a trained MMA fighter. Obviously I sell my own personal line of self-defense videos to the unsuspecting masses, but I would never actually step into a cage with Jon Jones because I’m not an insane person. I’m just a guy who doesn’t know how to fight but loves money.

Keep going for the full video (fight starts at 27:30) as well as another one of him taking out a wing chun “master”.
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