Sushi Singularity is a restaurant concept from Open Meals that sends diners a DNA kit prior to visiting to create hyper-personlized 3D-printed sushi to fit their nutritional needs. Sites are reporting that this will be an actual restaurant opening in Tokyo in 2020, but it’s so ludicrous I’m honestly still not sure if it’s real or a proof of concept.

I don’t know what things are like in Japan, but in what world are people okay just sending their DNA and urine samples to a random restaurant just to eat a meal? I mean, it’s weird enough that my accountant always asks me to masturbate into a cup for him every time I do my taxes. Wait, what? That’s not normal? Hold on, I need to make some phone calls.

Keep going for some more shots of their 3D printed “sushi” and a video of their concept. I don’t know anything about the state of 3D printed food, but I can’t imagine the actual product will or can look anything like what they’re showing.
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