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Silverstone's sprawling LD03 gets a slight facelift in its revamped 2020 version - Me Market Group

Last year, Silverstone released the Lucid LD03, a slender micro tower swathed in dark tempered glass. Like its inspiration—the company’s popular FT03, which came out in 2011—this mini-ITX case both rotates the motherboard by 90 degrees and vents air out the top.Now Silverstone has followed up with the LD03-AF, a second-generation version that sports a key update in response to feedback on the first model. As you’ll see in our video above, one of the case’s three tempered-glass panels has a cutout to improve air flow around the graphics card and address concerns about GPU temperature. In theory, this addition should help lower temperatures by allowing a graphics card’s fans to draw in cool air from outside the case.To read this article in full, please click here
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