This is a video of a McDonald’s employee showing how they make a Big Mac. It’s not particularly interesting unless you’re interested in how a Big Mac is made, but I am, so here we are. If you’ve ever wondered why the top bun is always off centered it’s because they let the lid do all the work when they close it. I will admit I’m loving this trend of people showing how the sausage is made on TikTok. I’m sure corporate doesn’t like seeing their secrets being revealed (there’s nothing more appetizing than a bin filled with old patties), but as a consumer I can’t get enough of videos like this. Now can somebody make a TikTok showing what exactly is in a McRib? Don’t get me wrong they’re delicious, but I have a hard time believing they’re made from actual rib meat and not a reconstituted shoe.

Keep going for the video.
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