Japanese luxury bag maker Tsuchiya Kaban has an initiative where they work with artisans and give them complete creative rein over their own side projects. Crafter Yusuke Kadoi took the initiative to make The Watermelon Bag, a leather luxury bag to hold a single watermelon. It’s as beautiful and pointless as that sounds, and probably caused Tsuchiya Kaban to question what exactly it is they’re doing at their company.

There’s no price listed, but I’m assuming it’s going to cost way more than it needs to, adding to the complete magic of it. What kind of person transports a watermelon and only a watermelon? And it’s not like this thing can even transport any watermelon, only watermelons of a specific size. I’d love to meet the lunatic that buys this and shake their hand, which I’ll be able to do even if they’re transporting a watermelon because they have this handy watermelon bag.

Keep going for some more pictures and a video of the crafting process.
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