Photographer Arjun Menon shot this incredible image on his Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra using household objects and action figures. From Arjun:

The theme for this image was time travel, I wanted to show an ancient abandoned landscape, imagine Mad-max with an Indian twist. We see Batman, looking at himself in the past, entering the time portal. I have always been fascinated by time travel, this scene was inspired by the OG “Back to the Future” scene where Morty sees himself using the DeLorean as a time machine and disappearing.

BTS (video coming up on my instagram) The whole idea came about when I realised my photography ring lights could actually pull of looking like a time portal. I used a mist spray for the smoke and a bunch of other props. Used bedsheets with flour on it to recreate a desert look. Used a lot of decorative props at home to give a ancient abandoned civilization look. Had to rack focus from 3 exposures to make one final image 🙂

I’ve been finding creative uses for the random things I find around my home as well. And by creative uses I mean I’ve been smashing them with a hammer. That’s sort of like what this guy did, right? I think it’s safe to say we’ve both been equally creative and productive in quarantine.

Keep going for one more behind the scenes shot and check out more of Arjun’s work on his Instagram.
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