One of the more serious realizations that any entrepreneur must come to is that success or failure is almost entirely dependent on themselves, not a boss or manager or anyone else. Making the decision to become an entrepreneur was only the first of many big decisions that you faced when you started down that path. Along with the other decisions that follow are opportunities to make mistakes, and a lot of them. So how can you avoid making mistakes when you first start out?

Solidify Your Work-Life Balance

Do you remember why you decided to become an entrepreneur? Many people make that choice because they want more control over their own life. If you aren’t careful, however, you may find that your entrepreneurial endeavors take up just as much of your time and energy as your more traditional employment did, if not more. You’ll need to take action to protect your work-life balance if you are to avoid burning out and losing out on more of your time.


Establish Facts to Back Up Your Business Decisions

There are a ton of decisions you’ll need to make as an entrepreneur, each of them carrying some degree of risk with them. The more facts and data you have to back up your decisions, the less likely you’ll be to make decisions that wind up being mistakes. This is especially important when taking on decisions that involve a lot of risk. Make no mistake, you’ll likely make at least one. 74% of small business owners are willing to take big risks to ensure success. Are you one of them?


Learn from Others

Unless you’ve somehow managed to set up a business that is supremely unique, there are going to be plenty of people you can learn from to avoid making at least some mistakes. It’s a much better thing to learn from the mistakes of others rather than to repeat them. Studying your competitors, other businesses in your industry, and seeking guidance from a mentor can all be helpful in this regard. That said, don’t expect to learn everything you need to know to avoid every mistake. You’ll still make plenty of your own. The goal is for them to be different mistakes because you’ve learned to avoid ones that have already been made.


Mistakes can be valuable learning opportunities, but some lessons are better learned through study rather than experience. While making mistakes is inevitable, taking an active role in avoiding them can help you sidestep a lot of trouble along your journey. Take advantage of the resources available to you so that you will be less likely to make serious mistakes.

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