YouTuber Joseph’s Machines spent four months building a Rube Goldberg machine to assemble a sandwich as well as vote in the process. Okay, it’s actually five separate machines.

One puts down bread, the next puts on peanut butter, then a machine for jelly and so on. The last machine feeds it to me bite by bite! Spent almost four months on this machine. Oh, and remember to vote!!!

They’re all pretty intricate, especially the final one that feeds him the completed sandwich. That one has the precision of a watchmaker. Watchmakers have hands like baseball gloves and only use hammers in their work, right? And they just smash watches? With hammers? Because his last machine is like that and it’s great.

Keep going for the full video. The voting mechanism occurs during the “More Bread” segment at 2:30 and the feeding machine starts at 3:08.
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