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Black Friday is fast approaching, and retailers like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart are offering noteworthy deals on Apple products.
Some of the best discounts include price drops on the Apple Watch Series 6, AirPods Pro, and iPad among others.
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Black Friday is right around the corner, which means the official start to the holiday shopping season is almost here. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your own iPad or are planning to gift a pair of AirPods this holiday season, there are plenty of deals worth paying attention to. 
Apple rarely drops its own prices, but retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart are offering some compelling discounts leading up to Black Friday.
Here are the best early Black Friday deals on Apple products that we’ve come across so far.
Updated on 11/23 by Lisa Eadicicco: Added new details on Apple’s Black Friday gift card giveaways.
The best early Black Friday iPhone deals
If you’ve been holding off on upgrading to Apple’s new iPhone in anticipation of Black Friday deals, you’ve made the right choice. All of Apple’s new iPhones, from the iPhone 12 Mini to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, are available at a discounted monthly installment rate through Walmart compared to what the major carriers are charging. The iPhone 12’s refreshed design and improved camera make it a notable leap forward, especially if you’re upgrading from an older model that you’ve had for three years or longer. Every 2020 iPhone supports 5G, which will keep your phone relevant for years to come as 5G networks evolve.
iPhone 12 Mini (medium, Preferred: Walmart (AT&T))iPhone 12 Mini (medium, Preferred: Walmart (Verizon))
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iPhone 12 (medium, Preferred: Walmart (AT&T))iPhone 12 (medium, Preferred: Walmart (Verizon))
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iPhone 12 Pro (medium, Preferred: Walmart (AT&T))iPhone 12 Pro (medium, Preferred: Walmart (Verizon))
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iPhone 12 Pro Max (medium, Preferred: Walmart (AT&T))iPhone 12 Pro Max (medium, Preferred: Walmart (Verizon))
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Carriers have also been offering compelling deals on the iPhone 12 lineup since launch, just ahead of the Black Friday shopping season. Many of those deals require you to sign up for a new line or have other similar stipulations, like trading in your old device.

T-Mobile is offering a free iPhone 12 or 12  Mini when you join and trade in an eligible device.
Verizon is offering a buy one get one for $800 off deal on the whole iPhone 12 lineup when you buy one on a 24 month payment plan and add another line.
AT&T is offering a $700 discount on iPhones when you add a new line, upgrade an existing line, and trade-in a smartphone valued at $95 or more.  

The best early Black Friday iPad deals
Apple iPad 
Apple’s least expensive iPad is even more affordable leading up to Black Friday. Walmart is selling the 8th-generation iPad, which Apple just announced in September, for $299 instead of its usual price of $329. It runs on the same A12 Bionic processor that powers the iPhone XS, which means it should be plenty powerful for casual tasks like web browsing and streaming Netflix as well as light productivity and gaming. This deal has been available at Walmart since September, and it’s still a great option for those in need of a general-purpose tablet.
2020 iPad 10.2-inch (8th Gen) (medium, Preferred: Walmart)
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Apple iPad Air
Apple’s new iPad Air comes with the same powerful processor as the latest iPhones, a sleek and colorful new design, and a larger screen compared to its predecessor. If you want an iPad with speedy performance for doing light work in addition to watching movies and web browsing, the Air is an ideal choice. Apple’s starting price is $599, but you can get it for $559 at Walmart.
iPad Air 2020 (4th-gen) (medium, Preferred: Walmart)
Apple iPad Pro
Apple’s most powerful iPad is on sale for $50 off this holiday season. The iPad Pro’s sleek look, long battery life, and excellent screen make it an ideal option for those who want a portable work device, especially now that iPads support mouse and trackpad input. Those savings are especially important for a device like the iPad Pro since you may want to put the extra cash towards the premium accessories Apple sells to make the most out of its super-sized tablet, like the $349 Magic Keyboard.
12.9-Inch iPad Pro – 128GB (medium, Preferred: Amazon)
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The best early Black Friday MacBook deals 
MacBook Air 
If you’re shopping for a new laptop for schoolwork and light productivity, Amazon is offering a compelling deal on Apple’s Intel-powered Macbook Air. This model comes with Apple’s new and improved Magic keyboard that offers a more durable and comfortable design. It also has several of the other features Apple introduced on other recent MacBook models, like Touch ID for signing in with your fingerprint and True Tone, which enables the display’s color temperature to adapt to the lighting in your surroundings. Since this model runs on an Intel Core i3 processor, it’s best suited for casual work and web browsing rather than intense workflows.
2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen dual-core Core i3, 8GB RAM, 256GB) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen dual-core Core i3, 8GB RAM, 256GB) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy (Silver))2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen dual-core Core i3, 8GB RAM, 256GB) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy (Space Gray))2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen quad-core Core i5, 8GB RAM, 512GB) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy (Silver))2020 MacBook Air (10th-gen quad-core Core i5, 8GB RAM, 512GB) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy (Space Gray))
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MacBook Pro 
13-inch MacBook Pro
If you want a machine that’s speedier than the MacBook Air but nearly as portable, check out the 13-inch MacBook Pro.This model lacks the 16-inch version’s booming speakers, but still comes with an Intel processor that packs more power than the Air. And yes, it has the same Magic Keyboard as the 16-inch Pro and MacBook Air. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a work laptop that isn’t quite as big as the 16-inch model. 
MacBook Pro (2020, 13-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 4 ports) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)
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16-inch MacBook Pro
Looking for a laptop that’s bigger and more powerful? With its massive screen, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is a great middle ground between the laptop and desktop experience. Not only does it pack powerful performance and a crisp, giant screen, but its six-speaker audio system is so boisterous it puts the sound system on many other laptops to shame. Like Apple’s other newer laptops, it also comes with the much-improved Magic Keyboard for better comfort and durability.
MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Macbook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB) (medium, Preferred: Walmart)
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The best early Black Friday Apple Watch deals
Apple Watch Series 6 
Apple’s top-of-the-line smartwatch is available at a $49 discount at both Amazon and Walmart. The Series 6 comes with improvements like a new blood oxygen sensor, faster charging, and a brighter always-on display. It’s the Apple Watch to get if you really want everything Apple has to offer in terms of health and wellness tracking. However, if you’re OK with just the basics, it’s worth eyeing the cheaper Apple Watch SE or Series 3.
Series 6 (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Series 6 (medium, Preferred: Walmart)
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Apple Watch SE 
The Apple Watch SE is already a great deal, and it’s even cheaper ahead of the holiday season. Apple’s mid-tier watch still comes with many of the most important features found on the Series 6, like Apple’s latest processor, a larger screen than the Series 3, and activity and fitness tracking features. If you don’t mind sacrificing an always-on display, the ability to take an ECG from your wrist, and blood oxygen level measurements, the less expensive Apple Watch SE is the right model for you.
Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) (medium, Preferred: Target)Watch SE (GPS) (medium, Preferred: Target)
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Apple Watch Series 3 
It may be a little old, but the Apple Watch Series 3 is still a perfectly capable smartwatch for those in search of a bargain. It runs the latest Apple Watch software, meaning you’ll get many of the basic features available on the SE and Series 6. If you want a smartwatch for little else than tracking workouts and checking notifications from your phone on the wrist, check out the Series 3.
Watch Series 3 + LTE (42mm) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)Watch Series 3 (GPS + 38mm) (medium, Preferred: Walmart)Watch Series 3 (GPS + 38mm) (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)
The best early Black Friday Apple AirPods deals
AirPods Pro 
With its noise cancellation, rich sound, and more customizable fit, the Airpods Pro are a great choice for iPhone owners looking for a pair of general purpose wireless earbuds. Even though they’re a couple of dollars more expensive than their previous price of $194, the AirPods Pro are still a steal at $199. But, unless you need them right now, it might be best to wait until the AirPods Pro drop down to their all-time-low price of $169 at Walmart on November 25.
AirPods Pro (medium, Preferred: Amazon)AirPods Pro (medium, Preferred: Walmart)AirPods Pro (medium, Preferred: Target)
AirPods (second-generation)  
If you just want the basic AirPods experience, Apple’s second-generation AirPods are available at a discount at Amazon, Best buy, and Target. This version offers some improvements over the original, like the ability to summon Siri hands-free, but lacks wireless charging and noise cancellation like its more expensive siblings. Regardless, it’s a notable drop from the AirPods’ original price of $159.
Those who want to splurge on the wireless charging version can do so for $159 at Amazon and Target, a drop from Apple’s usual price of $199.
Airpods with Wired Charging Case (Newest model) (medium, Preferred: Amazon)AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (medium, Preferred: Amazon)AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (medium, Preferred: Target)
The best early Black Friday Beats headphones deals
Beats Studio3
The Beats Studio3 are a worthwhile option for those who want the easy pairing functionality of AirPods in an over-the-ear design. Complete with noise cancellation and long battery life, these headphones are a compelling option at their discounted price of $174.99 this holiday season.
Studio 3 Wireless Headphones (medium, Preferred: Target)
Beats Solo Pro
Beats’s popular on-ear Solo Pro headphones are also getting a massive discount this holiday season. Unlike the Studio3, the Solo Pro comes with Apple’s newer H1 chip, which should offer faster switching between devices. Compared to their predecessor, the Solo Pro offers improvements when it comes to battery life, noise cancelling, and audio quality.
Solo Pro (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)
PowerBeats Pro
The PowerBeats Pro are the headphones to get if you want a pair of wireless earbuds that offer a more snug and secure fit than Apple’s AirPods. The PowerBeats Pro wrap around your ears for a tighter grip and offer longer battery life than the AirPods Pro. They also come with similar features, like quick pairing with Apple products, since the earbuds have Apple’s H1 chip. But, unlike the AirPods Pro, they offer noise isolation rather than noise cancellation, which means they use the ear tips to block out sound rather than actually canceling out surrounding noises.
Powerbeats Pro (medium, Preferred: Best Buy)Powerbeats Pro (medium, Preferred: Target)
Apple Black Friday FAQ
Does Apple offer deals on Black Friday?
Apple rarely discounts its own products on Black Friday. Instead, Apple usually offers gift cards along with certain eligible purchases. This year, the company is giving away gift cards of up to $150 from November 27 through November 30 on purchases that meet the following criteria: 

iPhone — Get a $50 gift card when you purchase an iPhone 11, iPhone SE, or iPhone XR

Apple Watch — Get a $25 gift card when you purchase an Apple Watch Series 3

AirPods — Get a $25 gift card when you purchase AirPods Pro, AirPods with wireless charging case, or AirPods with charging case

iPad — Get up to a $100 gift card when you buy an iPad Mini or iPad Pro

Mac — Get a $150 gift card when buying eligible MacBook Pro or iMac models

Apple TV and HomePod — Get up to a $100 gift card when buying an Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, or HomePod

Beats — Get a $50 gift card when buying Beats Studio3, Beats Solo Pro, Beats Solo3, Powerbeats Pro, or Powerbeats headphones

Should I buy from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, or Walmart?
Many of these retailers offer very similar deals on products like the AirPods and the Apple Watch, which means you’ll have a couple of options should one retailer go out of stock. In instances where multiple retailers offer the same product at the same price, consider which retailer is most convenient for you in terms of shipping options. If you have an Amazon Prime membership and want to get the product as fast as possible, it might make more sense to purchase through Amazon. But, if you’d rather pick up the item at your nearby Target or Best Buy, you should consider ordering from your preferred brick-and-mortar retailer. 
Do these stores offer curbside pickup?
Yes, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart all offer curbside pickup. But, you should check with your local retailer since the rules may vary by location and items purchased. Walmart, for example, says that not all stores offer curbside pickup for Black Friday deals.
How do we choose the best Apple deals?
We select products that meet our high standard of coverage based on testing and research. This includes testing Apple’s products as well similar devices from its main competitors.
We also research prices across retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy and compare them against Apple’s prices to find the deals that are worth paying attention to.Join the conversation about this story »
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