Many consumers look online for company reviews when deciding the businesses they’ll use for products and services they need. Reading reviews written by customers and individuals with firsthand experience with a company can prevent a disaster or ensure that you get the experts that you want, whether you’re searching for a home improvement professional, an amazing Asian restaurant, or piano lessons for your children. Although most reviews are written by those with intentions of sharing their experience, trolls sometimes make their way into the mix, leaving potentially devastating reviews.


Internet trolls choose various reasons to post bad reviews of your business. Sometimes it is used as an intimidation tactic or even as a means of revenge. No matter why they’ve left the review, other people are reading this information with beliefs that it is a real experience. Negative information may convince them to not only avoid your business but recommend that others do the same. Learning how to identify an internet troll is the most important thing to do as a business owner.

Remove the Review

People who are unhappy with your product or service will leave reviews. It is only expected as a business owner to receive some criticism from others. It is the troll posts, the false information that is being posted, that is the concern. You cannot expect the removal of every negative review, though most SERPS are happy to remove any inflammatory content written with the sole intention of harming your business. Look for a ‘Report Abuse’ or a ‘Report Post’ tab on or near the review to request content removal.

Contact Customer Service

If you report the review without successful results, email, chat, or place a phone call to the SERP to request removal. Explain the situation to the agent to expedite service and receive prompt removal of the post.

Do Not Respond Negatively

Seeing negative, false information written about your business on an online review site that is public and visible to others is hurtful. It is easy to respond to the review with a negative comment, accusations, or other remarks but doing so will only contribute to the harm done to your business.

The Bottom Line

Internet trolls are obnoxious and mean harm to the business you’ve worked so hard to open. Don’t give into their blatant need for attention and certainly do not sit back and let them ruin your business. Use the tip above when internet trolls attack your business or products and when the final word is spoken, you’ll get the last laugh.