Soft skills are the abilities that you have that have nothing to do with the technical side of your job. They’re the skills that make people want to be part of your team. If your soft skills are lacking, you’re probably not great at collaborating because your co-workers and employees may not trust you.

What Are Soft Skills?

Are people happy to team up with you? If there’s a crisis at the office, do people come to you for your problem-solving skills? Soft skills aren’t about training or degrees. According to Resume Genius, these skills relate to your ability to adapt to new situations, work hard, and be able to analyze problems in new ways and come up with solutions that can reduce disasters in the future. Other soft skills include having a positive attitude and managing your time well.

Why Are They Important?

Soft skills are based on one crucial human response to any given situation: empathy. Nobody likes making mistakes, but everyone does it. If you’re a boss and want your employees to feel comfortable coming to you with their mistakes, how you take the news is critical. Are you empathetic and willing to help them work through a procedure to reduce this risk in the future, or are you gruff and unpleasant? Bosses who can’t tolerate employee mistakes are ones who wind up supervising people who hide their errors rather than fessing up. Emergenetics, states that a positive attitude about this and many other situations will lead to your employees trusting you.

How Do I Identify Them?

A simple question is, “why did you choose to leave your last position?” If the response includes a laundry list of what everyone else did wrong, this person will not be a great team member. If the candidate’s answer features a desire to learn new skills and be a bigger contributor, you may have to deal with some mistakes, but that’s how people learn. According to The Hire Talent, it is critical to understand a potential employee’s aptitudes and work style when hiring, so you can make sure you have the best fit for the position. If nearly all the projects in your department are team projects, and your potential new hire is a loner, keep looking.

It’s also important for leadership to take a look at company culture. If the worst thing anybody in your organization can do is make a mistake, then you probably don’t have good luck when trying to hire creative employees.

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