Starting a business is both risky and rewarding at the same time. The decisions that you make at the outset can set the terms for any future success. Here are some things to think about before you settle on a business idea.

Will This Achieve What You Need?

The most important thing that you need from a business is the ability to be profitable. Foundr explains that not only do you need to make money, but you need to do it relatively quickly before you take losses that you cannot sustain. This means that you must take a hard look at the business idea that you are considering to see if it is really one that can make you money. This must be done with a critical eye, using realistic assumptions that may not just be things that you want to hear. Consider best-case as well as worst-case scenarios.

Is it Economically Sound?

Some businesses are very sensitive to the booms and bust of the economic cycle. While you do not necessarily have to avoid those businesses, you should also consider businesses that are stable in all economic times. United Water Restoration Group talks about how business sectors that deal with fire and water damage tend to be pretty recession resistant. In addition, you should think about whether your business idea is something that you want to start completely from scratch, or if it makes better sense to start a franchise. Sometimes, it is easier to pay for the expertise of others and the work that has already been done.

What’s Your Growth Plan?

There will be multiple iterations of your business as time passes from its creation. Before you start the business, you should not just consider how you want your business to look on day one, but also what the plans for the future are. WagePoint discusses, when you decide ahead of time some parameters for your growth, you help prevent haphazard expansion that can break your company in its infancy. This means that you will be executing your business plan instead of taking it as it comes. You should map out several different scenarios so you are able to respond to business considerations and factors as they arise.

You should do as much work as possible before starting a business in order to get the business started on the right foot. Clearly map out your plans and think realistically at all times.

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