If you are running a startup, then you need the right strategy and approach. The world is becoming more competitive each day, and you need a better way to grow and scale your business. Choosing the right city can make all of the difference for you. So consider the 7 most startup-friendly cities in the world below:


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As a city-state surrounded by beautiful ocean, Singapore boasts an independent culture that is unique. Companies can enjoy a fusion of east and west while having access to major infrastructure. The country has a large and growing economy, and companies are hiring more each day. There is a significant amount of technology knowledge located in a very small area. This means it will be easier to find people to hire for your business no matter what industry you are in. Furthermore, the government is relatively hands-off when it comes to companies, which is a far cry from other Asian cities.

New York

The Big Apple is one of the best cities for startups in the world. First of all, if you ever want to go public with your company, most of the world’s biggest banks are located right there in the city or at least have a branch. Having this kind of access to investors and banking is enough to put it on the list. Also, you have a lot of access to diversity. Your team can genuinely represent the different areas and cultures of the world, all while being under one roof. This can give you unique insights that help you compete in a different way in your market.

San Francisco

Of course, the main city of Silicon Valley would have to make this list. While it is not quite in the upswing of several years ago, San Francisco is still a tech capital with many great startups to boast about. From AirBnB to Facebook, to Twitter, you are able to find a lot of major tech companies that came out of this city. It has a lot of opportunities in terms of talent and world-class nightlife and food as a bonus.

San Jose

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While San Francisco gets a lot of attention as the major tech city in Silicon Valley, it is not the only one. San Jose often looked over, provides a great place for startups to thrive. You will be able to network with like-minded individuals on a daily basis. San Jose also has excellent health clubs, and food stops to keep your team running lean and clean.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its sunny beaches, but that doesn’t mean it is not a great city for startups. The reason is that it attracts so many high-quality business people that you indirectly benefit from being based in the city. You are much more likely to rub shoulders with a high profile investor or founder in LA than you are in Oklahoma. Those are just the facts, and that means LA is a solid choice.


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Austin is the city best known for usurping San Francisco as the city in the states that is attracting tech talent the fastest. There are a number of major companies there already with even more small startups to boot. The zero state income tax levels are quite attractive to a new startup looking to save money in every way that they can at first. Furthermore, the weather is sunny nearly all year round, leading to a happier team. And as you know, the happier the team is, the better your product and the results will be.


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If you are considering moving to the East to launch your startup, don’t count Shenzen out. This bustling city is just miles from Hong Kong and right by the border of mainland China. It features towering skyscrapers and tons of young entrepreneurs to connect with. You can hire local talent for much less than you could in the western world. Plus, if you have your eye on e-commerce sections of your business, you can get the product for a lower price than virtually anywhere in the world. The Canton Fair is just one of many trade shows that the area is known for.

When it comes to growing your startup, you want every advantage you can get. From the right investors to the technology, to even the city that you are located in. So look at the 7 cities and above and then make your decision based on which one has the best benefits for your startup now and into the future.

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