Every business should value their customers. The goal is to make your customer feel special. Many businesses accomplish this with superior customer service. Good customer service not only meets the customer’s expectation but goes beyond their needs. If your customer service is bad, then you could lose customers. It leads to losing profits. Read on to find out six ways to improve online customer communication.  

Professional Tone

A professional tone is one of the ways to improve online customer communication. Tone of voice can mean different things. However, it is common for someone to accuse you of having an attitude by the tone of your voice.

Your customer support staff must be aware of how punctuation and word choice can change the tone of their writing. It is just as easy for a customer to get offended through an email. LiveChat recommends that business owners should train staff to know which tone is best based on the listener’s expectations and emotional state.  

If you want to connect with customers, then you must use a positive tone of voice. This positive tone must be used in writing, over the phone, and in person.


Listening is a big part of effective communication. When you listen, it allows you to understand the customer’s point of view. You should also listen without prejudice and pay attention to nonverbal communication.

A customer can tell when you are not paying attention, which is a sign of disrespect. Not listening can lead to a confrontation with the customer. It just takes one viral video to give your company a bad name.

Rapid Response Time

A quick response can improve customer communication. According to research from Podium, with technological advances that improve communication speed, one in three customers won’t return to a business if they haven’t responded within 24 hours, and one in five people expect a response within as little as five minutes. Customers provide you with a source of revenue. If you have active customers, then you are making money.

When a customer asks a question, he or she wants a fast response and helpful information. You can improve your response time with email autoresponders. It lets customers know their email has been received and help is on the way. A rapid response time keeps your customers happy and leads to sales.

Make Contact Easy

Your customers should be able to use your website with ease. It helps to have “Contact Us” button at the top of your homepage. It should include your phone number. A mobile user can just tap on the number to make a call to your business.

It can be intimidating for a customer to have to fill out a complete profile. You should keep your contact forms simple by asking for the email and name. If your website is complex, then customers will leave for a business with an easy communication process.

Investigate the Customer’s Problem

PATLive explains that in some instances, customer support staff pretend to know the answer when they do not know it. They make the mistake of giving a customer any answer. Some customers’ problems are complicated and may require time to answer. Sometimes in these cases, customer support staff can respond recklessly. They are hoping to satisfy the customer with a quick answer to get rid of them.

Instead, you should admit to not knowing the answer and needing time to investigate. You should always provide the correct answer. The wrong answer makes a customer lose faith in the company.

Provide Instant Chat

Instant chat has been around for a while but has only recently started to become popular with businesses. It allows customers to have a live interaction with customer support. Instant chat does not have to be open 24 hours. You can have a set time for when instant chat is available.

Hubspot shows that instant chat allows you to provide a more personalized form of customer service to those who visit your website. Customers will return to your website because of having a quick response.

Online interaction is different from face to face interaction with customers. Nevertheless, you still must make your customers the top priority. After making these changes, you should see an increase in sales. Every business should provide customers with a positive experience and address any negative concerns.

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