While there is definitely some blurring of lines, passive marketing is inbound marketing that is conversational and designed to build a relationship with the customer. There are many different techniques that can be used in passive marketing. Here are some tips that you might want to incorporate into your passive marketing campaigns.

Build Email Campaigns

Email marketing can be used passively for a variety of purposes. The most common, however, is to encourage customers to move further down the sales funnel now that they are aware of your company. Additionally, a passive email campaign can be designed to keep your company’s name at the forefront of a buyer’s mind so that they will think about your product and services the next time that they have a need.

Reference: MadPipe 

Get Help From Content Creation

Content creation can either be active or passive depending on how you choose to use it. Passive content creation can also be used to create brand awareness, but it can also be used to prove that you are a thought leader in your niche market. Furthermore, it can be used to nurture customers moving them further along in the sales funnel without hard selling them.

Use Custom Retail Displays

Custom retail displays are a great example of a passive marketing campaign that can easily be set up. Consider displaying a product display near a related product that has a great reputation can be a powerful way to create a favorable connection in the shopper’s mind. Your whole goal with these displays may be simply to get your name in front of the audience encouraging them to find out more about what your company does and its values. Using these displays can be a great way to get potential customers to enter into the sale’s funnel where you can market to them actively.

Reference: Wasatch Container 

Optimize Your Point-of-Sale

While the most common point-of-sales displays are the endless displays of candy and sodas near the cash register as you stand in line waiting to check out, there are many different types of point-of-sale displays that your company may want to consider. This may include having a coupon printed on the back of a sales receipt from a trusted store, gift cards available for purchase at the cash register, and placing low-cost items where customers will see them while waiting in line. Creating a quality point of sale experience is an important step in building a good relationship and marketing your business as competent and friendly.

Reference: Celerant

Using passive marketing is an important tool at each point in the sales funnel. Employ it today by taking these basic concepts and adding your own ingenuity to them and watch your company grow.

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